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!! OMG, gossip: Shawn Ashmore congratulates his X-MEN character ‘Ice Man’ on coming out !!

Shawn Ashmore congratulates Ice Man on coming out of the closet [ohlala]
Did Kanye West delete his tweets in the wake of TIDAL‘s massive failure? [celebitchy]
Matt Bomer reveals he’ll get very close to Gaga in the new season of American Horror Story [queerty]
A Golden Girls super-fan gets inked [towleroad]
‘Chelle’s pissed you guys! The Olsen Twins are bummed that Uncle Jesse never told them about the Full House reunion [dlisted]
Aaron Taylor-Johnson keeps it sexy for Randall Mesdon for At Large magazine [boy culture]
Who’d you rather? Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans at the Age Of Ultron premiere [socialite life]
‘Christians will stop gay marriage with pitchforks and torches.’ – Scott Lively, writing for World Net Daily [joemygod]
Business name WIN of the week [kenneth]

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    Actor Tobias Menzies full frontal in Outlander (Lallybroch) episode can you please post it?

    Dear Scott Lively,
    Bitch, your pitiful torchplay can’t hold a candle to the power of my flames and glitter. When I cast shade, you’ll be so dark they’ll ask for YOUR birth certificate. And pitchforks? That’s about the only thing with a point you know anything about, and that’s only because it’s used for mucking stalls.
    And, I’m through!

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