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!! OMG, his SECOND special power: One of the original X-Men is confirmed as gay in new comic !!

Tomorrow’s issue of the X-Men comic will reveal that an original member of the team plays for… well… the same team!
Who is it!? Check out the plot and big reveal after the jump! Wait — but being gay is his SECOND superpower though, right!?


The current story, written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Mahmud Asrar, follows young versions of the original five X-Men who’ve been displaced in time. It’s in tomorrow’s issue that Jean Grey finally loses patience with Bobby Drake/Ice Man’s continued comments towards female members of the team and decides to pull him aside for a chat.
What follows is a scene where Jean reveals she can read his mind so there’s no use denying he’s overcompensating for the fact he’s gay. In the end, he admits it, and even reveals he has a bit of a thing for one of his teammates. Intriguingly, the pair go on to acknowledge that Bobby’s older self isn’t gay.
This version of Iceman was brought from the past to the future by Beast to help save the X-Men. He’s not from an alternate reality or anything – it’s the Iceman, just younger, so it’s unclear how he could be gay, especially if his older self is confirmed as still being straight. Undoubtedly all will be revealed in time.

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