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!! OMG, disgusting! Conservative host Sandy Rios thinks Amtrak engineer’s sexuality is ‘a factor’ in crash !!

Right-wing host & Fox talking head connects Brandon Bostian‘s gayness to crash, saying it’s an interesting factor [boy culture]

Rob Lowe says he has DAD BOD and that we should we start objectifying men [queerty]

Patrick Dempsey might have been fired from Grey’s Anatomy for passing HIS anatomy to an intern [dlisted]

Fan Bingbing (hot name!) brings some flower power to the Mad Max premiere [celebitchy]

Queen Latifah talks lezzie sex scenes for the Bessie Smith biopic, which debuts on HBO this weekend [joemygod]

Tom Hardy‘s drug fueled past: ‘I would have sold my mother for a rock of crack.’ [socialite life]

Alfie Allen puts some clothes on for an interview [ohlala]

Cops shoot hammer-wielding man responsible for 4 attacks in Manhattan [kenneth]

Bottom shaming! It’s a thing apparently! (can’t live with em, can’t live without em!) [towleroad]

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