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!! OMG, gossip: Dionne from Clueless says the concept of a gender wage gap for women is ‘an excuse’ !!


As IF!!! [celebitchy]

Happy Friday: Here’s Zac Efron letting his titties get some air [socialite life]

Leonardo DiCaprio has been reincarnated as James Lipton [dlisted]

Justin Beiber and Derek Zoolander face off [ohlala]

Kunty Karl hates everything, but we already knew that [queerty]

And if Miley Cyrus makes you feel old, then here’s 3 people born in the 1800s known to still be alive in America today [boy culture]

Maryland DA charges 6 police officers in death of Freddie Gray [joemygod]

Who’s got their jock strap out and their arms crossed for free drink tickets on the cover of your free weekly gay rag THIS WEEK!? [kenneth]

Alaskan mayoral candidate Amy Demboski insinuates that her pro LGBTQ opponent supports incest [towleroad]

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