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!! OMG, help a brother out: The gay-straight prom dates show up on ELLEN, get $10,000 scholarship !!

This story is supes cute, but is it worth money? Apaprently it was worth a $10,000 scholarship c/o Ellen! Check out the gay-straight prom date alliance on Ellen above!

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    I don’t have a problem with Ellen giving money to this gay-straight couple or anyone else. My problem is that the same much needed money aren’t given on national TV to, for example, poor homeless black, white, latino etc. trans youth struggling to survive on the streets or to the numerous queer youth fighting injustice. Most of the money-getters on her show fit an attractive, usually white, already-middle class and above template. Not all, but usually…

    If a bigoted pizza maker can get nearly a million dollars then a couple of boys going to prom together should be able to get whatever good things come their way.

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