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!! OMG, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Resse Witherspoon and Selma Blair reunite to catch the ‘Cruel Intentions’ musical together !!


Our 90’s nostalgia-meter is going into overdrive! SMG, Reese and Selma all got together and Kiki-ed for Cruel Intentions: The Musical last night!

SO MANY QUESTIONS! I wonder if they did bumps off of a crucifix necklace in the bathroom before going into the show together? Has the production been updated at all? The dialogue in Cruel Intentions was SO BAD. I only realized this recently. As a teenager, I thought it was SOY KEWL! They are so BAD! But it really is cringeworthy when you hear it today. I mean, does Sebastian’s character still says “Email is for geeks and pedophiles.”, cuz that’d be kinda awky…


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