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!! OMG, WATCH: All episodes of drag comedy series ‘The Face Of Furry Creek’ are now online for free !!


Canadian drag misfits Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Venus have just released the entire 12 episodes of their comedy The Face Of Furry Creek online to watch for free!

We’re “hooking you up”. With The Face of Furry Creek that is. Beginning June 1st, 2015, you can watch all 12 full episodes of the critically-acclaimed comedy completely free on faceoffurrycreek.com. No strings attached!

The show hailed as “gutsy satire” that’s “clever and entertaining” is now available for the first time outside of Canada. faceoffurrycreek.com its just like Netflix but with only 1 show so it’s totally not at all like Netflix. But unlike Netflix, you can explore their sexy website to find crazy amounts of bonus material after each half-hour webisode!

If you need a little Chewbacca fix, but can’t wait for the new Star Wars instalment, then check out Sisi Sickles instead!


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