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!! OMG, a new season of Arrested Development is on its way, will arrive in 2016 !!


Miss Buster? Craving a wink from Lucille? Wishing Gob would roll up on a Segway? Well you’re gonna get another serving of the Bluth clan coming early next year!

“Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we’re going to do more episodes,” Grazer told “The Adam Carolla Show” on Tuesday. The new season will reportedly start filming in January 2016 and premiere on Netflix sometime in early summer. Glazer hinted that some kind of crazy scheduling was needed to get everyone involved, but that’s basically Netflix’s M.O. at this point.

We can’t wait for more Maeby, and PLEASE tell me Lindsay’s left her face alone! There’s nothing funny about face that doesn’t move! Jason Bateman just gets hotter with age… we’re def looking forward to the new season. Are you?

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    Maeby’s as entertaining as a pap smear, but can’t wait to see the others, especially Lucille!

    What about Liza’s face? Will they trot her out again?

    But – great news!

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