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!! OMG, he’s naked: Luis Alberti in ‘Eisenstein In Guanajuato’ !!

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.29.51 AM

‘Eisenstein In Guanajuato’ sounds like the type of film your grandparents might watch, but actor Luis Alberti may offer something for folks of all ages. Check him out after the NSFW jump!









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    Sorry guys, he is straight , his penis is bigger than it looks in this movie, believe me, he is really big and hard he shoot Lots of cum, he is the best for me!

    Fuck, thats really huge, I love horse hung latín guys!… I agree it must be a 9 incher!

    he is so hot, got a nice pink mushroom head in that big hung dick!

    A delicious latín hung cock, I love his low hanging big balls, and his big dick, I didnt know mexicans were so hung… are they?

    This is not his best frontal nude momment, he is really beatyful and horse hung, there are other moments where u can see his very hung soft penis better than in this picture, and there is a momment where he shows an amazing two hands-free glans 9″ erection!…

    He is definitely NOT circumcised, as you can clearly see when Palmino Cañeda is pulling on his generous overhang while making himself stiff and ready to penetrate Sergey Eisenstein. In the picture above his foreskin is just retracted.

    Uh, it’s definitely NOT the kind of movie your grandparents would go see. LOL. Not mine anyway. There are parts much racier than what you see in the stills above. Pretty close to pornographic. I thought it was great, but I love Guanajuato… and Mexican men.

    That’s delicious! What a fat meaty cock! A circumcised Latino, that’s like getting Christmas in the summer! So beautiful! Like when you encounter hot circumcised Europeans! Yum


    A circumcised Latino is the most disappointing thing I can imagine lol.

    Now that is a yummy cock! Big,thick,cut,nice low hanging balls,mushroom head,smooth & a nice hairy bush! 😛

    it’s actually the latest movie from peter greenaway (the director who made a star out of ewan macgregor’s penis in “pillowbook”). looks like it’s a retelling of director sergei eisentein’s (“battleship potemkin”) of the time he spent in mexico. luis albertini appears to be portraying eisentein’s mexican lover.

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