Actually Trump is getting a lot of respect for his comments on mexicans around here in Scranton, PA. Over the past few years we’ve had a massive influx of hispanics here, so many that the white populace is becoming the minority. The crime rate has skyrocketed, a day doesn’t go by without some crime being reported on the local news featurting hispanics as the culprits. The drain on our local welfare system has skyrocketed, they all seem to be on it. And now we’re dealing with spanish language billboards. Not to mention they all rent, not own, their apartments. So the city looses out on collecting taxes, which only homeowners have to pay. They also have seperate hispanic churches where nothing is in english. Most don’t seem to even know how to speak english from what I’ve been seeing firsthand. So yeah, most of the Caucasian populace here want Trump to run for President.