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!! OMG, gossip: Bow at the altar of Chris Hemsworth shirtless, let it get you through the week !!


Chris Hemsworth gets the panny pudding flowin’ at the beach [socialite life]

Set your snake traps! The Hamaconda is single! [dlisted]

Can’t Buy Me Love star Amanda Peterson‘s sad decline [kenneth]

Paris Hilton calls her new boyfriend of two months her soulmate [celebitchy]

RUSSIA: Putin’s ruling party mocks White House with “Heterosexual Pride” flag [joemygod]

Texas couple finally gets marriage license from homophobic clerk [queerty]

Hay GURL Hay! What’s Aaron Shock been up to since he left Congress in March!? [towleroad]

Here’s some hot model type with his shirt off, cuz it’s Thursday [ohlala]

Make them eat it! [boy culture]

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