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!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 7 finalist PEARL !!


These pics are anything BUT flaz├ęda! Check out Pearl, the cutest boy out of drag, and finalist from RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 7 after the NSFW jump!








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    se me paro lo que no tengo <3

    Who the fuck actual cares if someone is cut or not, a dick is a dick you prissy faggots, I bet you would give no shits if he would even let you near his dick irl

    Holy cow that’s a beautiful cock on a beautiful man! Thank god he’s civilized which = circumcised! Just makes the perfection of that cock!

    Another beautiful guy ruined by circumcision. It looks like the schlong of a burn victim.

    Very hot, indeed. I’d make a meal of those lovely balls. Too bad he does drag as that’s a total turn off…

    Well he has nothing to be ashamed of! Very attractive guy with a big dick! Finally a bush and hairy legs, so tired of these queens that are afraid to be who they are. Pubic hair is sexy as hell! Arm pits, bush, and legs… yum!

    Cut and beautiful.

    Dang lovely. Phew- glad he grooms more for drag. Keep it there- those hairy balls are sexxxxy.

    Beautiful cut cock, very nice.

    My mouth is seriously watering over that cock. Jesus, what a beauty…& that big ‘ole bush on such a pretty boy makes it even hotter.

    Thank goodness he’s cut. Uncut cocks are just gross.

    Gross. Cut. No thanks.

    omg that is a huge thing hahaha love his balls hahaha

    This is the only contestant I ever wanted to see naked.

    He’s cute, but circumcised. :-/ Poor guy.

    Well, I never! That is quite a specimen Miss Pearl.

    Don’t want them leaked? Easy (and pretty obvious) solution don’t take/send them. Nobody is immune from assholes who’ll post thee things for whatever reason.

    HOT BUSH!! yummy

    He looks alot younger in these pics. Well the face pics anyway…lol
    He is a beautiful man that’s for sure.

    Either that or someone just raided his grindr profile. Congratulations, you’ve just seen a penis.

    Thank Goodness for the bush, so tired of all guys that shaved/trim their pubes.

    Whoever leaked these is an asshole? Most likely it was Pearl herself, the same way most D list celebrity nudes are “leaked”.

    That thing must be painful to tuck.

    He’s hot. I’d love to get down with him!

    soooo unlady-like

    Very nice cock and love the hairy legs and bush! Delicious:)

    Oh thank you thank you thank you!

    That’s a delicious fucking cock. Wow would I love some of that.

    As much as I eagerly clicked on them, whoever leaked this is an asshole.

    Manscape that bush….jeez.

    A drag queen knows better than to let her
    stuff get out of control.


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