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!! OMG, she went there: Kate Ryan covers ‘Smalltown Boy’ !!

Belgian singer Kate Ryan has recorded a version of the beloved Bronski Beat anthem “Smalltown Boy” with more of a deep house feel. If you watch the video with no sound, you might think the song is “all-tan girl,” but we enjoyed the saxophone riffs. Still, somehow we’re not sure Jimmy Somerville would approve.

(via Popjustice)

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    Absolute garbage.. The powerful lyrics are completely obliterated. Totally agree about that vomit inducing heterosexual hipsters campfire video .. I first thought it was a GAP commercial. A pure decimation of this Iconic Bronski Beat Anthem.. Jimmy Somerville Will Not Be Pleased!!

    this is the worst

    horrible, and the video of a group of hipsters toasting marshmallows and smiling at each other is ridiculous given the context of the song lyrics

    he will, it’s amazing!

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