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!! OMG, Ellen Page confronts Ted Cruz on LGBT discrimination in Iowa !!

So proud of our Canadian gurrrrl! Out there fighting the good fight! Check out Ellen facing off with Cruz on his LGBT stance above!

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    Ted Cruz is also Canadian and like Ellen Page both are US citizens. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Gay marriage is legal and welcome here.i guess he had to go be an asshole in the states- you can keep him.

    I dont like Mr Cruz but he made a fool of this lady. First of all she’s Canadian not American, she shouldn’t try to interject into our politics. She never responded to his answers, just ignored them and tried different tactics and eventually agreed with him. If you are going to have a “confrontation” with a public figure you need to be polite. Unlike Cruz, she interrupted him during every answer.

    I am at a loss. I cannot figure out what was most disgusting. Mr. Cruz’s moronic answers. The film school quality camera and sound work. Or the fat guy flinging burgers on the grill with his bare hands.

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