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!! OMG, and now a touching message from a totally-sane Farrah Abraham on “Celebrity” Big Brother UK !!

Her words are like poetry! Check out Teen Mom and sex-tape star (I can’t believe I’m actually typing those four words together in a senetence) Farrah Abraham as she tells the Celebrity Big Brother UK house WUTS WUT about her broken FLIP-FLAPS above! Translation:

“Oh, because I was going to fucking obliterate the fucking scum that you have in this fucking house. Yeah, and I’m just going to say this; if my fucking flip-flops are not fucking fixed because of your goddamn mouth over the fucking intercom, I am going to straight up fucking kill this whole fucking house!”What do you think?”


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    that chair tho

    She should stick to the porn. She’s much better when she has a cock in her mouth and she can’t talk.

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