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!! OMG, their butts: Ken Duken and Kostja Ullmann in Coming In (2014) !!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.58.12 PM

2 German wursts come together to shoot a shower scene, and all we get is brotchen! Check out German actors Ken Duken and Kostja Ullmann gettin’ all gay ‘n’ shiz in the shower together in the film Coming In after the NSFW jump!


Coming In[(017606)21-06-44]

Coming In[(017633)21-08-01]

Coming In[(017896)21-13-10]

Coming In[(018037)21-14-47]

Coming In[(018180)21-15-34]

Coming In[(018199)21-16-30]

Coming In[(018221)21-17-32]

Coming In[(018233)21-18-08]

Coming In[(018511)21-20-03]

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    Nothing quite like a good bare butt.

    Nothing better than a bare butt. LOL

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