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!! OMG, yeehaw! Alabama Walmart stocks gun counter with ‘Gun Oil’ lube for men !!

The gay agenda and attack on traditional backwoods family values is finally working! Check out an unhappy hillbilly expressing his disgust as he finds lube in his Wal-mart gun section in Alabama!

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    This is a fake. I know the manager at that walmart and he is gay . He said if they sold that he would have bought all they had. lol

    You’ve got to love his closing comment:

    “…on the counter, at Wal*Mart, in Florence, they don’t even know what they’re selling, it’s crazy, get yourself some.”

    Bet you, he’s going to take some home and try it; and, LOL, to think that Wal*Mart might actually have known what they were doing all along.

    Warren C. E. Austin
    The Gay Deceiver
    Toronto, Canada

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