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!! OMG, APPLE Exec sticks his foot in his mouth, claims women ‘find it hard to find their own music,’ suggests they may need help !!

The ad with Mary J, Cookie, and Ms. Pope mayyy be cute, BUT when Apple exec Jimmy Iovine attempted to explain the messaging of the ad had this week, he done went and stuck his foot in his damn mouth!

“So I always knew that women find it very difficult at times, some women, to find music,” Iovine said. “And [Apple Music] helps makes it easier with playlists — but they’re curated by real people. They’re not made by algorithms alone – they’re made by algorithms but with a human touch.”

Asked to explain the concept he had the following to say:

“I just thought of a problem. You know, girls are sitting around talking about boys, or complaining about boys, when they have their heart broken or whatever. And they need music for that, right? So it’s hard to find the right music,” he said.

Oooof! We have a feeling that someone’s gonna need to clarify further… and you best believe that none of the women in that commercial are going to want to be the face of that way of thinking!

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