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!! OMG, gossip: About that new show Rob Lowe is on called THE GRINDER… !!

Yes, Rob Lowe‘s new show is called THE GRINDER, and yes he meets dudes on GRINDR to watch THE GRINDER [towleroad]

Nick Jonas doesn’t exactly deny trying the peen [queerty]

Kate Winslet says talking about the gender wage gap is VULGAR [dlisted]

Undiscovered marine life: Jessa Duggar named her newborn child Spurgeon Elliot Seewald [celebitchy]

Jeb Bush says that if given a time machine, he would definitely kill baby Hitler [joemygod]

Michael Phelps opens up about wanting to die, rehab, and the road back [socialite life]

Conservative pundits announce “This is not a gay time!” [boy culture]

Hot Pockets saved this man’s LIFE! (Are you even the slightest bit surprised!?) [kenneth]

Jason Morgan for ELLE Man Vietnam [ohlala]

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