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!! OMG, FUND THIS! Christeene launches crowdfunding campaign so she can keep the filthy crowds bumpin !!

You’re one of them ponies out there who’s been hit HARRRD by the man, then make sure to wipe, and then make to sure support punk drag superstar Christeene as she attempts to release more music! Before you spend your shitty pennies on Taylor Swift, think thrice! And DONATE HERE!

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    Christine I will donate so you can make so more amazing music but in return I need a babysitter for the third week in February. I have three kids who all have to be put to bed by 9 after reading them a bed time story. I’m sure you’ll give them a night they’ll never forget. Keep runnin with them ponies. Love G

    I donated! Lucky # 13″! CHRISTEENE deserves our support!

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