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!! OMG, first Look: Here’s Alexander Skarsgard as TARZAN and Margot Robbie and JANE from the new TARZAN movie !!


Ooga Booga! Two of Hollywood’s sexiest hoes come together for a story I’d be surprised anyone would still care about in 2015, — BUT if they were gonna have a reason to — they do now! Check out the first images of Skarsgard and Robbie in TARZAN.


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    LOL….Tarzan in pants.

    Maybe this is after they attempt to civilize him. I mean those aren’t the promo pictures I would start with, but with all of the bat guano crazy members of One Million Moms that keep going ape shit every time someone does something accurate, they may have been playing it safe and showing “civilized” Tarzan instead of actual Tarzan.

    The Front Columns for this picture are all bad so why in the world is Tarzan in pants? They’re nice pants but they’re not going to sell a single ticket. It’s called a loin cloth and it’s Tarsan’s signature prop like Batman’s Robin. It’s basic Filmmaking 101 that the material used for Tarzan’s lion cloth is in reverse proportions to the quanity of Tarzan’s box office. This is not complicated. This is Tarzan.

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