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!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant Phil Sullivan !!


You wanna be on top!? (But, what if he’s not a bottom!?) Check out Phil Sullivan from Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model after the NSFW jump! If you’re into penny-farthing and big beards and manbuns and stuff like that, then get ready to have your mind blown!


UPDATE: At the request of Phil’s agent, we have removed the images.

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    Just Google image search “Phil Sullivan” nude. Oh god, so nice to see full bush for a change.

    Where’s the nudity?

    It’s worth googling.

    He had a nice lil’peeny too.


    i guess his agent is very busy sending cease and desist requests all across the internet because no sooner did i find out that the pics were no longer available for view here i found them thirty seconds later on various other blogs. did phil not consult with his agent before he did a plethora of black and white nude shots? of course the irony is that almost every cycle tyra has the models strip down nude for a barely there photoshoot.

    Anyone have a link to the pics elsewhere?

    why did you cave in? Boo!

    Wow what a crap move not this site but his agent. Not your fault he showed his cock to the world or sent to a random person. Thank god nothing on the net is lost. Freedom of speach. Hum to repost his photos all over tumblr

    Back away all you thirsty bitches, this one is mine!

    Woof! That is one hot man! I’d ride that cock of his!!

    Phil is from season 20. Season 22 was the last season. Just so you know.

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