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!! OMG, grab your Indian headdresses, bindis and henna make-up! The 2016 Coachella line-up has arrived !!


If you’re like me, then you’re probably looking at this new Coaachella Line-up mess with a huge WTF on your face, and your eyes rolling hard in the back of your head (sans MDMA).

I’m picturing the Coachella lineup from 2001, and asking myself — what the hell happened!? Amongst this mess of LA EDM producers and people I’ve never heard of, is LCD Soundsystem headlining who made us sit through their constant yammering about their “retirement from music” a few years back, which, at the time, I knew would only last a few years. Aside from that, we’re curious to see a tower cam of what a group of Guns N Roses fans in Aquanet hairspray look like when they are forced to hang out with Calvin Harris fans and a gloating Taylor Swift all day…

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    Who cares Sia is going to be there so count me in. The others do nothing for me.

    Couldn’t work in some Beck or Chris Cornell? Not even a little AWOLNATION or K Flay maybe on the smaller stage?? I mean, Ellie Goulding for the love of God?!! What is happening here…

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