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!! OMG, 64 year-old Kirstie Alley drops 50 pounds, appears on CHEERS set for new Jenny Craig commercial !!

Scientologist and actress Kirstie Alley dropped a hot new Jenny Craig commercial for us to fill our veins with nostalia with, appearing back on the set of CHEERS. Watch that shit above.

And here’s Kirstie promoting that shit on Wendy Williams, which you just know is gonna be a barrel of fuckery. I am on eggshells watching Wendy ask her about how she lost the weight. You could cut that tension with a knife as Alley tells her through a smile that it was Jenny Craig. See below:

Also, the look on Wendy’s frozen-ass face when Kirstie says she could never do botox because she’s allergic is one of absolute terror and fear!

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    OMG!She has been doing Jenny Craig commercials for the past 20 years and have always yoyo dieted give her a year and she’ll pack that 50 pounds back on, she always has before. And, now she is sounded like a wacko too.

    I’d be impressed if I didn’t think she was such a whack job!

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