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!! OMG, presenting: Community Healthcare Network’s “Sh*t Gay Guys Say About PrEP” !!

Finally! Someone capturing some of the types of thinking around PrEP that we tend to witness within the gay community.

Is it annoying? Yeah! And while this particular airhead obviously doesn’t represent everyone out there… the skit definitely holds a mirror to the way some gay men perceive the drug.

Check out Community Healthcare Network’s “Sh*t Gay Guys Say About PrEP” comedic parody above! Educate yo’self!

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    That guy in the video made me feel physically sick, people like him are whats wrong with the gay community! I’m so glad i’m not in it!

    Just consider that most drugs, after a long time, have unexpected side effects. Decreased liver function- lawsuits for problems. Live well, live safely and trust but be cautious. Big pharmaceutical companies are not your guardian angel. They’re a business, first.

    I’ve been on it for five months and have had no side effects. Several of my fuck buddies are on it as well, including a couple who are Poz. They are undetectable so the pill is at least 99% effective. I get it free too.

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