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!! OMG, Televangelist Jim Bakker had a dream about young people… !!

I am LIVING for Lori Bakker. “Wow. That’s guuud. I love that…” The end times are comin’, folks! You better be prepared.

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    lol wow that was AMAZING!! who put this together? and is that the music used in the documentary about jodorowski’s dune?

    What a crock of shite.

    I couldn’t abide this man 40-years ago with he and his then wife Tammy Faye (and her industrial-strength mascara and fake tears) helming the ubiquitous PRAISE THE LORD CLUB amongst other dubious practices.

    My eldest son worked at their Heritage USA theme park for a spell just as it was failing and scant weeks before Toronto’s JDS Investments (ironically a Chabadic Hebrew family’s investment arm) rescued them.

    His shtick hasn’t changed one iota in the interval.

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