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!! OMG, WATCH: Wendy Williams is another person not really feeling Rihanna’s WERK !!

…and Wendy says she’s one of those artists who won’t stand the test of time and that when Rihanna tries a Vegas residency in 30 years, no one will want to go hear her music or hear her perform. Hear the daytime muppet’s POV above!

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    I like Rihanna’s music. But here’s the thing, a lot of studio time goes into it because her voice is terrible, she can’t sing live and her performances are forgettable. The other thing is that the shelf-life of top-ten music is much shorter today than it was when Madonna, Michael, Janet and Mariah were at the top of their game. So each #1 track is less meaningful or substantial.

    I agree with her. I think people will remember rihanna in 30 years. But none of her music is timeless… it just what’s popular at the moment.

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