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!! OMG, WERRRRK: Fierce diva spider makes log her own runway at a ball !!

Posted by Entomologia Biologia on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yes, hunty! Show them other insects what it takes! Get cho’self a NAME!

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    That hot bitch will give you eight side eyes at the same time.

    “Miss Mantis, honey child sugar child, your dick so small that when you tried to mate, she didn’t even try to bite your head off.”

    “Miss Butterfly! Butterfly? More like butter face!”

    Miss Moth! Your ass is so huge that instead of being a Moth chasing a night light, you should change your name to Mothra and chase Godzilla!”

    The library is closed.

    Sphincterisha, please comment more. Love, the !! omg blog !! team

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