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!! OMG, Zac Efron and The Rock LOVE PINK in the latest set pics from the BAYWATCH movie !!


Masc4Masc! [socialite life]

Former Scientologist who audited Tom Cruise‘s kids, details horror and abuse after coming out as a lesbian [celebitchy]

RIP Toronto’s former-crack smoking mayor Rob Ford [boy culture]

Marvel and Disney will pull out of production if Georgia passes anti-gay bill [queerty]

Britain’s NHS blasted for barebacking backtracking on promise to make PrEP available [towleroad]

Things you can’t be mad at: When Henry Cavill accidentally pisses on you [dlisted]

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signs bill legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination statewide [joemygod]

Welcome to TALLYWACKERS, the male equivalent of HOOTERS [kenneth]

Here’s Parry Glasspool (who plays Harry Thompson) looking good in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks [ohlala]

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    When I see pictures of Zac Efron these days they make me uncomfortable. The highlights, the overly tanned body, the gaunt and oily face.

    He reminds me of when you order a banana fritter and it comes on a napkin to soak up the oil and gritty bits that fall off the fritter.

    Zac reminds me of that napkin.

    To the Lesbian: Don’t give a shit. What she did is as bad as what happened to her. It does throw more fire on the fucking cult and why the Justice Department should treat them like a cartel and the slave ring they are.

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