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!! OMG, FIRST LOOK: Miley Cyrus steps out in costume on the set of Woody Allen’s new Amazon TV series !!


Contrary to what some might say, we think this pairing could actually work! Check out Miley in some flaky-ass and very in-character wardrobe on the set of Woody Allen’s new TV show for Amazon. Allen’s first-ever TV project, which has yet to be titled, takes place in the 1960s and will be comprised of six half-hour episodes.


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    I think “Strangler’ would be an interesting subject for Allen. But based on 2 pictures and Allen’s proclivity to ‘crank ’em out’, it’s a basic ‘Annie Loves Nebish’ Allender.

    Please tell me it’s about the Hillside Strangler. I think I could tolerate that demented chipmunk if she was strangling prostitutes and housewives.

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