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!! OMG, here’s what Marvel Comics’ most iconic male heroes might look like if we presented them in comics the way we do women !!


What if Marvel released sexy variant covers for every comic they released? Why couldn’t “Magneto” #1 feature the master of magnetism in a brokeback pose with a come hither look? … Sexiness isn’t inherently a bad thing (whether or not comics ostensibly aimed at an all-ages audience even need sexy covers is a whole other issue), it just needs to be an equal thing.

DAMGGG! “Matt & Brett Love Comics” decided to give male superheroes some sexy variant covers of their very own. Check out the images after the jump! Who’s your favourite? Who brings you to your knees like Kryptonite?






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    So just an fyi Marvel did present their male characters like this. Most, if not all, of these images are from the swimsuit specials they published in the 90’s.

    They look awesome, including Mobius in his stylish little thong. I’ve been seeing this happen a lot lately with artists queerizing male action figures from comics to video games. I fully approve.

    Totally agree. Not impressed.

    None, they’re all disgusting looking. Also, Namor already wears a bikini bottom and poses like a whore.

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