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!! OMG, WATCH: Ellen Page takes on the USA and gay rights in the preview for the upcoming season finale of GAYCATION !!

Ellen Page takes on the USA, confronts the Zodiac Killer AKA in Ted Cruz in the season finale of GAYCATION. Have you been watching?

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    I like this show, but I’m not sure how only four episodes make a season.

    Sounds too close to home John?

    I saw the Japanese episode and it was certainly intriguing. The gay guy with the “magical mouth” blew a straight porn actor on a game show and he was hilarious. I liked the expose on the women-only lesbian clubs too. The Japanese have an interesting perspective on LBGT experiences. I like Gaycation.

    This show just made me uncomfortable, they had some Japanese dude coming out to his mother and Page and the guy with her were just sitting there likes bumps on a log while the mother has a mental breakdown.

    Nope. Not even the one episode with the what it was about, you know, the thing.

    Sorry, nope.

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