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!! OMG, Crimes against HUMANITY! Angry French wine makers hijack Spanish tankers, pouring 90,000 bottles down the drain !!


I know what you’re thinking… “Wine, flowing in the streets!? Fucking FINALLY!” But it’s not like that. The wine is being wasted in some ditch on some side country road in France. So, time to get FURIOUS…

Wine makers in southern France have hijacked five tankers full of Spanish wine on the border, pouring the equivalent of 90,000 bottles of red and white down the drain in protest at “unfair competition”.Cheers erupted as around around 150 furious vintners from the Aude and Pyénées-Orientales departments unscrewed the cap on two tankers at Le Boulou, close to the Mediterranean town of Perpignan and less than ten miles from Spain, and emptied their contents onto the motorway on Monday.

People! Don’t be so brash! There are housewives who are DYING of THIRST after their PTA meetings, during their friend’s baby showers… Think of the Cathys and Pats and the Barbs out there! For Christsakes.


[via telegraph]

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