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!! OMG, there is a GOD: A Britney Spears Lifetime movie is on its way !!


…and Aussie actress Natasha Bassett will play Britney! According to reports online:

The Lifetime movie movie will run two hours long, and will show Britney as a young girl from Louisiana, her relationship with Justin Timberlake and her downfall that saw her lose custody of her children and the struggle with drugs that eventually placed Britney under a conservatorship.

Wait, so it’ll show Federline getting Britney into the hard stuff!? Oh, Lifetime! You really know how to keep it classy! But WHO will capture Justin Timberlake‘s truly iconic Mr. Noodles tightly gelled crusty curls!? Who will play Felicia AKA FEE? Production begins Sept. 19 in Vancouver for a 2017 premiere – We’re already stocking up on Cheetos and Frapps in anticipation y’all!


!! OMG, um – YES the world HAS gone crazy, and this music video Mary J Blige did with the hosts of THE VIEW is PROOF !!

Seriously, Mary!? Unless you’re pandering to soccer moms now, — this was a whole lotta WTF for us! Remember how badass Mary J was, now she’s bumpin chocas with Whoopi and Joy, Raven and DJ Tanner under vaseline-rubbed lenses in a flowey Bed Bath N Beyond warehouse. Thoughts!?


!! OMG, WATCH: Every RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars entrance from the upcoming season !!

All the new gay lingo for the next year is about to possess your ears and NEVER leave! Every drunken screech you’ll hear in the gay village will be of these new catchphrases for eternity – so get READY to learn them ALL! Check out the first appearances of the cast of upcoming season of ALL STARS above!