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!! OMG, gossip: Kanye’s Glasto performance subtitles were less than accurate !!


Whoever subtitled Kanye‘s Glastonbury performance definitely had a sense of humour [dlisted]

Here’s Jamie Dornan with an 80’s leatherdaddy moustache [socialite life]

NBC Universal dumps all of Donald Trump‘s programs after his racist remarks towards Mexicans [kenneth]

The Hadid Sisters for V Magazine [ohlala]

Former makeup artist Jeremy Renner doesn’t care if you think he likes the peen [queerty]

Katy Perry wants to buy an LA nun convent, but the nuns ain’t havin it! [celebitchy]

Here’s 150 images from NYC Pride [boy culture]

26 Million rainbow their Facebook profile pic [joemygod]

Some Texas counties still are refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples [towleroad]


!! OMG, Avril Lavigne like, LITERALLY opens up about her Lyme Disease !!

Avril Lavigne hasn’t been feeling too well lately. Doctor’s thought it was maybe because she was boning Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, which could make anyone ill — but that wasn’t it!

The doctor’s were all like, “Get your ass out of bed Avril, go pick out a pink chunky polkadot tie to throw over an Emily Strange t-shirt, and get out there!” which Avril was literally, like, not able to do cuz in reality, it was Lyme Disease that was keeping her down. Anyway — Avril is feeling much better these days, and wants to raise awareness and stuff so check out her interview, above!