!! OMG, gossip: Gus Kenworthy kisses boyfriend during live Olympic coverage !!

Gus Kenworthy kisses his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas live on global Olympic TV – gay history is made! [dlisted]

After splitting from Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston is selling the home she just showed off in Architectural Digest [celebitchy]

Oscar Isaac‘s new haircut!!! Cuuuute! [lainey]

Chris Mazder is making Olympic pannie soup [gay fleshbot]

Movie REVIEW: Eliza Hittman‘s LGBT Beach Rats [instinct]

Florida killer spoke openly online about shooting gays in the head and chaining black people [towleroad]

What do you think of a butt-first perspective to Olympic sport photography? [sad and useless]

Self-care begins in the bedroom [well & good]

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!! OMG, WATCH: Emma Gonzalez’s powerful speech at an anti-gun rally in FL after mass shooting !!

The young people are our future, and Emma Gonzalez‘s powerful speech at an anti-gun rally in Florida calls out Trump, the NRA and the cost of people’s lives equated to the money these people are taking to turn a blind eye to gun control in the United States. Enough is enough! #wecallBS on the excuses. Watch her powerful speech above!

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!! OMG, it’s called Fashion. Look it up: Martine Rose Fall 2018 !!

Martine Rose Fall 2018 men's wear runway
A live reading of my last review, if indeed there was one, would probably have been delivered at full grate by Gilbert Gottfried. Angrily squawking like a molting city duck, the comedian’s nasal yell summoning all the urgency of a five alarm fire delivering the goods on Vetements. Pure rant. A hit. A stink piece. This edition, relatively, is a more gentle exploration. Less piss, less vinegar, more massage oil and lava cake. So melt down and tuck in, but rage on in the comments if you’ve gotta.
Martine Rose Fall 2018 men's catwalk
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!! OMG, don't miss these !!