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!! OMG, gossip: Trans fitness model Ben Melzer is the newest cover model of German Men’s Health! !!


Hubba hubba [towleroad]

Sofie Vergara on Hollywood’s diversity problem: ‘I won’t complain because I’ve been treated like a queen’ [celebitchy]

Bernie Sanders to Berniebros ‘We don’t want that crap!’ [boy culture]

…and here’s Bernie and Larry David‘s cameo on SNL [joemygod]

Here’s the deets on drag icon Sherry Vine‘s new video Network [queerty]

Here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his black gonch serving bawdy-awdy-awdy [dlisted]

Wow! Kylie‘s piece is 😍😍😍 [socialite life]

This new photo of Henry Cavill shirtless is also very 😵😵😵 [kenneth]




!! OMG, …and speaking of which: Aaron Carter and Chris Crocker is the couple you’ve been on hunger-strike waiting for !!

Aaron Carter and Chrissy Crocker got nice and cuddly this week. I’m not sure if these two met at rehab, but they really are perfect for eachother. Congrats to the gorgeous couple!

Aaron found his candy. 💅🏼

A photo posted by Chris Crocker (@itschriscrocker) on



!! OMG, hey Tina! Meth use is apparently on the rise in a big way for gay men in NYC !!


…in other news, OAKLEYS sunglasses’ stock just rose 80%! [queerty]

Someone actually nominated that constipated orange, Oompla Loompa for a Nobel Peace Prize [celebitchy]

…and Elton John told him to stop using his music on his crusade of being a LOOOOSER [joemygod]

SCHANPP OUTTA VIT! Chaz Bono talks to Oprah [boy culture]

Lily Collins is gonna show new beau Nick Jonas what his brows could look like if he didn’t pluck [socialite life]

NYC is about to fine sleeping Subway riders [kenneth]

Tom Daley is still working hard at becoming the next Davey Wavey [towleroad]

And here’s Willam Dafoe dressed like Willam Belli as Marilyn Monroe after getting her wig snatched [dlisted]

Aye aye, sailor! Jean Paul Gaultier‘s news FACTORY ad is here [ohlala]