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!! OMG, artist Paul McCarthy erects giant Christmas Tree butt plug in Paris !!


Place Vendôme in Paris is now the home to one giant green "Christmas Tree" buttplug c/o artist Paul McCarthy!

The sculpture is the centerpiece of the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC), which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Tree also coincides with the opening of "Chocolate Factory," the artist's first solo survey in France, which in turn coincides with the grand reopening of the Monnaie de Paris.

The organizing theme for this special celebration of contemporary art in Paris appears to be what the French call le plug: Not only does Tree bear an uncanny resemblance to the flanged sex toy, "Chocolate Factory" will see workers produce thousands of chocolate figurines of Santa Claus holding this "emblem."

Paris has got it good. I mean, Hong Kong worked with Paul and all they got was this giant pile of shit, so Place Vendôme is a real step up!e5828ab81.jpg

[via citylab]

» posted by Igor on Friday, October 17, 2014
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!! OMG, spot them if you can! Artist AVAF and Lady Bunny take The Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires with psychedelic roller rink !!


Artist assume vivid astro focus has created a psychedelic roller rink at the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires Argentina. The roller rink will feature the sounds of DJ Lady Bunny who says "I've never been to such a glamorous soundcheck!".

AVAF created the same installation (but different) over ten years ago in the infamous Central Park skating rink, and has brought it back to bring some more joy and togetherness to the world.

Inspired by a time not long ago when asked about the piece, Lady Bunny has some wise reflections to share regarding the 80's, the gay community and the present (via the beuonosairesherald):

Even though at a ten year celebration with an originally ten-year old work, nostalgia is not centre stage here. It is about bold fun; festive fun referring to the crazy early 80s in New York with inclusivity of unique individuals, that sometimes do not feel at place anywhere else, at its heart. Lady Bunny represents this more than anyone else. "But don't be fooled," says Lady Bunny "it was not just fun. The 80s was a difficult time too. The gay community was also scared. We were dying. I saw my friends dying. Dying like flies...

But I am not all into gay rights, and especially not its movement -- I am for human rights for everyone, male, woman, and any one in between. Being part of an older generation of the gay community, I do feel I can teach the next generation something: don't be fooled by new AIDS drugs -- just use a condom.



» posted by Igor on Monday, October 13, 2014
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!! OMG, voguing doc "The Fire Flies" is playing in Toronto this weekend !!

Just a quick NEWSFLASH for our readers in Toronto: punk band Fucked Up's annual multimedia event series Long Winter is happening at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on Saturday (October 11) and there is some queer content in the mix this year.

Several documentaries are screening but we are particularly excited to see director Frédéric Nauczyciel's film about voguers in Baltimore and Paris, The Fire Flies, Francesca, Baltimore. Check out the trailer above. There are also docs about obsessive Depeche Mode fans and Suicide's Alan Vega. As with previous Long Winter events, the programming is somewhat overwhelming so visit the Facebook event page to digest it all.

» posted by Kevin on Thursday, October 9, 2014
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!! OMG, super Kawaī! Japanese cookbook uses Condoms to make yummy meals !!


Condom Meals I Want to Make for You is an e-book from where else!? -- JAPAN!

The book which is co-created by Kyosuke Kagami offers extensive recipes in how to incorporate a trusty rubber into your cooking plans and assist you in creating that delicious meal. Check out some more images from the cookbook after the jump!


[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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!! OMG, YAAASSS! Couple's threesome with homeless man turns violent with hamburger meat !!


Sometimes a good thing just doesn't last! Like when you invite a homeless guy into your house and then jealousy turns to meat flinging during your ménage à trois!

Martin Miller (mugshot above) and his wife, Daniela, let a homeless man named Michael Chaney stay at their place for a week. And one night Daniela and Chaney were fucking in a bathtub. Martin, cooking hamburgers in the kitchen, felt left out. So he left the kitchen and went to the bathroom with chunks of raw ground round meat and then threw the raw meat into the bath water.

The homeless guy, according to Daniela, told Miller to stop being such a waste and so he left the room. That's when the two of them got violent. Miller allegedly kicked Chaney and choked him. He also shoved Daniela. Eventually, Chaney and Daniela went to the hospital for treatment. There, they reported the incident.

Cops questioned Miller about his alleged acts in which he professed that because he was "a marine" he often goes "into kill mode" if he feels threatened. Now, because of his psycho creed, it appears he is facing a charge of assault by strangulation.

The nerve of that homeless man telling the husband to STOP BEING SUCH A WASTE! -- WHILE he's fucking the man's wife! SMDH! I'd be flinging hamburger in "kill mode" too!

[via deathandtaxes]

» posted by Igor on Thursday, September 18, 2014
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