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!! OMG, my eyes! What is Satan’s name did I just watch!? !!

If you set out to make a K-Pop star out of a Swedish guy, but ended up dressing him in Japanese clothing as he terribly rapped Japanese and tried to seduce the camera harder than a club-district douchebag after 2 “mollies” — then you’d end up with BORIS! Maybe this shit is a viral video for ZOOLANDER 2, I dunno anymore. I’m hoping it is. I’m filing this one under ART, because it is HIGH art.

OH, and this person in the comments section perfectly sums up how I feel about Boris:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.41.54 AM


!! OMG, prepare your ears for hemorrhaging: ‘Freedom Kids’ sing about ‘Crushing’ America’s enemies at Trump rally !!

What in SPARKLE MOTION Hell did I just watch!? Is this proof that Trump is totally having us on, an elaborate hoax in order to split the Republican vote? Is he one of the greatest performance artists of our time? Is any of this for real? So many questions!




!! OMG, here’s what all your favourite Disney Princes might look like as tacky, annoying twinks !!


I can hear their shrill mating calls already! Check out what Disney Princes might look like if they were weekend-warrior twinks who bought their clothes at PRIAPE and smelled of Rhianna’s perfume, in the full gallery after the jump! (PS. What is UP with John Smith’s tattoo!? – Total sluzzza!)



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