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!! OMG, tap dat ass: New lamps shaped like butts light-up when you touch them !!


The clap-on/clap-off lamp was so 90’s! That’s why, in today’s crass world, some ass cheeks seems more appropriate!

Why not tap dat azz when looking to illuminate the situation, made by London-based designer Joseph Begley in 10 different colours. Begley sold the lamp in a limited-edition run in 2014, but his latest version can now be had for £149 on his online store here. Git it!


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!! OMG, there IS a God: TAN MOM is back in a smokin’ hot new fashunn editorial !!


TAN MOM is back, hon! And she’s ready to take Milan, Paris, London and Japan by the looks of this recent fashion editorial by Refigural titled patricia’s revenge: the tan mom strikes back. Check out the rest of the hotness after the jump, and find some sage quotes from Tan Mom below!

“I’m definitely not Martha Stewart!

People wonder why I’m a little crazy. I got hurt when I was 23. I was pregnant and got cold cocked by this guy who was hitting on me. They proclaimed me dead twice- I had some problems walking and hearing afterwards, and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

I’m always on the run, try to make people smile, you know. I still go on with life, you can’t just sit there.

People don’t wanna hear the truth sometimes. It’s easier to make fun of someone than to listen.

I’ve always been really beyond outgoing, ever since I was born. I’m not saying I’m Miss America or anything, but there’s something special about me. I’ve always stood out, always, my whole life.

I just wish people were nicer to one another. None of this judgement call stuff! You are who you are! I really do wish that there was more peace on earth, that would be really great. But that’s not gonna happen”.


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!! OMG, artist Fulaleo creates beautiful portraits of icons’ older and younger selves !!


Artist Fulaleo created images which show iconic male celebrities in both younger and older versions of themselves, side-by-side. Check out the rest after the jump! Is Mick wearing that Bowie shirt because his younger-self banged Bowie?


[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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