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!! OMG, gossip: Lady Bunny to LGBTQ community ‘Let’s cancel gay pride!’ !!

Has she got a point!? [instinct]

Patti LuPone explains why she won’t perform for Trump: ‘Because I Hate The Motherfucker” [towleroad]

A gay Golden Girls could be on its way very soon [dlisted]

A real-life Transformer! YASSSS! [gaygeekfabulous]

Jared Leto doesn’t want kids right now, k? [celebitchy]

Charlize Theron and Halle Berry‘s ex Gabriel Aubrey might be doing it [socialite life]

Zendaya covers VOGUE [lainey]

Colton Haynes brings the buldge to ROUGH NIGHT [gay fleshbot]

Janet Mock‘s new book is out! [boy culture]

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!! OMG, gossip: 42 year-old Ryan Phillippe is the hottest dad there ever was as he goes shirtless for Men’s Fitness Magazine !!

Pannie SOUP! [socialite life]

Kathy Griffin, Colton Haynes and Lisa Rinna star in GRANNIE [towleroad]

The queers are gathering to protest OUTSIDE IVANKA’S HOUSE. Seriously, get in on this party. [instinct]


Watch this guy dance in a tiny towel. You’ll be putting it on loop. [gaygeekfabulous]

Donald Trump and Sean Spicer won’t even talk about hate crimes. Here is why. [slate]

57 year-old Gavin Rossdale is dating a 27-year-old model now. GET IT! [dlisted]

Samantha is a blow-up doll who’s programmed for platonic love so you can Netflix and actually chill with her [witty]

Is Ivanka‘s hubby Jared Kushner slowly exfoliating their liberal friends from his life!? [celebitchy]

OMG, creepiest prom dress guide ever [distractify]

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!! OMG, so much for my Happy Ending: The Avril Lavigne X Nickelback X Zuckerberg DRAMA has just begun !!

🎶“Look at this photograph! Everytime I do, it makes me laugh!”🎶 – well Chad Krueger (not to be confused with Fred Krueger OR Tim Krueger) isn’t laughing today after the king of the entire world, Mark Zuckerberg, made a Nickelback JOKE! HOW VERY DARE! The gall!

Who’s side are you on in all of this? (Don’t let the hive hear you if it’s Nickelback’s!) Is Zuckerberg wrong to make a Nickelback joke? Does anyone care? Will Nickelback sell more records as a result? Is it a Christmas blessing in disguise for the band? See Mark’s diss for yourself at 1:08!

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!! OMG, don't miss these !!