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!! OMG, WATCH: Mrs. Universe takes on Stephen Harper and addresses issues for First Nations a week into her crown !!

This is the kind of voice Canada and First Nations needs representing them in the news! Who would have guessed it would come from a beauty queen! Check out Ashley Callingbull-Burnham, urging aboriginal Canadians to vote!

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!! OMG, age ain’t nuthin but a numbah! 60 year-old Canadian dance teacher owns her students in routine !!

60 year-old Canadian high school dance teacher Shirley Clements, showed her student’s who’s hair was really on fleek this month when performed at their hip-hop competition! Check out the video above. I assume she’s probably on the phone with Ellen as we speak.

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!! OMG, attention stoners of Canada! Vancouver pizza place now offers WEED PIZZA !!

Best-Pizza-in-Toronto-1 The two most beautiful words in the English language finally come together! ALLEGEDLY this Vancouver pizza joint now offers a little buzz with your large pizza!

Located next door to a dispensary that they’re affiliated with, Mega Ill Pizza seemed to be doing it quietly for customers and spreading the word organically… but they appear to have turned a corner and are now boldly marketing “weed pizza”. They claim to be the first pizzeria in North America to offer this bizarre (yet brilliant) product.

Each pizza contains 250mg of infused oil and while we’re not exactly sure what that means, according to the company “This single dose pizza put buddy on his ass from 12:45-8:30pm”.

But how am I meant to get the munchies when we’re already full!? Life’s little problems!

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!! OMG, party in Stampede City: Owners of AirBnB in Calgary come home to find their home devastated by a “drug-induced orgy.” !!

Star King (who’s name sound like a boss from Level 4 of Superio Mario Brothers 3) rented her place in Calgary to 4 people who said they were in town for a wedding, but instead unloaded a luxury party bus of over 100 people into her pad for the party of all parties. Star was not impressed.

“Our hardwood floors are all popping because there are pools of liquor. There’s glass shards, there’s dent in our walls, toilets flooded and plugged with condoms,” says homeowner Star King. ‘We came and wished the home was burnt down to ashes. It would have felt way better.’

“They just put their cigarettes out wherever they felt like it,” said Star King. The King family had to plead with the renters to pack up and leave, who she said were “just totally wasted.”

“They threw paint all over my works that I was going to sell for probably a couple thousand. Just totally disrespectful behaviour,” King told the Calgary Eyeopener.She overheard Calgary police at the scene describe the situation as a “drug-induced orgy.”

Hardwood floor be POPPIN! Mayo on the couch cushions! Condoms in the turrlet! Sounds like the best wedding EVERRRR!

“In the 27 years of policing that I’ve done, I’ve never seen a home so badly damaged from a weekend party, and of course, with this kind of rental situation,” said Staff Sgt. Jim Leung..

[via CBC]

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!! OMG, eh!? Canadians are among the raunchiest and most-violent emoji users in the world !!

A new study shows that Canadians are twice as likely to use raunchy emojis as the rest of the planet and also double as likely to use violent emojis such as guns! In fact, Canada’s most popular emoji is the smiling poop! Must be the Terence and Philip influence! Blame Canada!

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