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!! OMG, gossip: Is Grindr leading foreign police to gays to arrest them on homosexuality charges? !!


It could be! [towleroad]

In ‘Things that Satan loves’ kinds news: Kim Kardashian snapchatted her pregnancy scare [celebitchy]

Dr. Luke‘s label has reinstated permission for Kesha to perform at the Billboard awards [socialites life]

Mr. Ed‘s Alan Young dies at 94 [boy culture]

In other Grandpa news: Was Abe Lincoln really gay? [queerty]

Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet to accept an environmental award [dlisted]

Scientists remove HIV from living animal genes for the first time [joemygod]

Which gay men are keeping it tasteful for free drink tickets on the cover of the weekly gay rag this week? [kenneth]

..and some wet model piece in his underwear cuz WHY NOT!? [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Zac Efron in skin tight swim spanx will start yer Thursday off right! !!


Here’s Zac Efron in swimming spandex talking about being sober [socialite life]

Surprise! Dr. Luke won’t let Kesha perform at the Billboard Awards under the management of his label [celebitchy]

Justin Trudeau is pushing for trans rights in Canada [boy culture]

All the shaaaaaaddiest details from behind the scenes of the Drag Race finale [queerty]

Nick Jonas does Sesame Street [towleroad]

Mimi LIVES for DRAMA on WWHL, still denies knowing J.Lo [dlisted]

Sanders campaign asks Clinton campaign to keep their promise of a final debate [joemygod]

The Mexican president wants to legalize gay marriage [kenneth]

Tom Brady is selling mattresses now [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Kristen Stewart steps out with her ex, Alicia Cargile, at Cannes !!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.53.05 PM

Kristen Stewart works a very Jodie Foster-meets-Diane Keaton look on the red carpet with her now on-again girlfriend [dlisted]

REJOICE! First dick implant in the US performed [joemygod]

Time to find clean underwear! Henry Cavill is single y’all! [socialite life]

A white girl’s worst nightmare: Elizabeth Olsen abandoned her farmers market when the paps camped out there [celebitchy]

Hot trans bodybuilder bro Aydian Dowling is Toronto Pride’s Grand Marshal [boy culture]

Nick Jonas keeps it cutesy in new shoot with Emily Ratjkowski [ohlala]

Drag Race‘s Bob The Dragqueen drops first single Purse First [queerty]

These guys tried getting the full-photoshop makeover to get their ideal bawdz [towleroad]

Who’s gittin revved n randy for Pride on the cover of your free village rag THIS week?[kenneth]

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!! OMG, WATCH: Chris Matthews shuts down sweaty-palmed, anti-trans, fear-mongerer live on air !!

WATCH: Sad, pathetic, little, weasel man attempts to spread fear around trans bathroom “issue”, get shut down and fails miserably [towleroad]

Blake Lively shows the world she did NOT use a condom at the Cannes red carpet [socialite life]

Woody Allen on Dylan Farrow: ‘I have so moved on. I never think of it.’ [celebitchy]

Trump has a long history of treating women like hookers [boy culture]

Orgy-loving priest outed for keeping a Grindr account [queerty]

Avril Lavgine‘s new full-time job is defending Nickelback from the h8rz, boi[dlisted]

Ukraine wins Eurovision 2016! [joemygod]

You’d think it would be easier to adopt a kid after you created goddamn KIDZBOP! Jeeeze! [kenneth]

Sister/Sister: The Carver bros to be reunited on screen in new series BLOOM [ohlala]

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!! OMG, The cement-faced woman gets a new face on ‘BOTCHED’ !!

We have to give it to her: She may have a face made of cement, but she’s got SPIRIT! She’s brimming with positivity, and we love her for it.

A woman who was once dubbed ‘cement face’ after receiving black market surgery has a new lease of life after corrective treatment.The 48-year-old transgender woman fell prey to “toxic tush doctor” Oneal Ron Morris in 2005 – a fellow trans woman who went by the name of ‘Duchess’ and injected her clients with illegal substances – including cement, superglue and tyre sealant. For years, Rajee was too ashamed to seek help and hardly left home. But then a friend referred her to cosmetic surgeon Dr John Martin, who agreed to give her free treatment to repair the damage to her face and body. Seven weeks and four rounds of surgery later, Rajee is ecstatic with the results.

Come thru, Rajee!

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