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!! OMG, gossip: This man won a date with Angelyne !!


…and regretted it! [boy culture]

Adele: “I want to make something. I don’t want to be the face of anything.” [celebitchy]

Hundreds rally in Utah to protest new anti-gay and anti-trans Mormon policy [joemygod]

I hope you brought a spare change of underwear to work, cuz here’s Prince Harry with a ginger beard in a suit [socialite life]

41 very best Karen Walker one-Liners [kenneth]

Frank Ocean blasts Trump over using Paris attacks to comment for political gain [queerty]

SNL exposes ridiculousness of anti-trans bathroom laws [towleroad]

Punky Brewster got knocked up for the 4th time [dlisted]

Filip Hrivnak for Hercules Mag [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: The Game gets his #horned Instagram game on !!


The Game is tacking his Instagram erotica to the next level! [dlisted]

Madonna holds a moment of silence for Paris while on tour in Sweden [boy culture]

SNL mocks Houston’s anti-trans vote [joemygod]

The Baby Sitters Club cast reuintes [socialite life]

Khloe Kardasian says polygamy is IN! Is with both Lamar Odom and James Harden [celebitchy]

Here’s Kendall Jenner in a danceoff for Blamain if you care [ohlala]

Who’s wearing a loud colourful print on the cover of your local weekly gay rag THIS week? [kenneth]

New website aims to connect insecure straight females with reassuring gay men(?!) [queerty]

Ukraine passes new LGBT Employment non-discrimination bill [towleroad]

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!! OMG, gossip: About that new show Rob Lowe is on called THE GRINDER… !!

Yes, Rob Lowe‘s new show is called THE GRINDER, and yes he meets dudes on GRINDR to watch THE GRINDER [towleroad]

Nick Jonas doesn’t exactly deny trying the peen [queerty]

Kate Winslet says talking about the gender wage gap is VULGAR [dlisted]

Undiscovered marine life: Jessa Duggar named her newborn child Spurgeon Elliot Seewald [celebitchy]

Jeb Bush says that if given a time machine, he would definitely kill baby Hitler [joemygod]

Michael Phelps opens up about wanting to die, rehab, and the road back [socialite life]

Conservative pundits announce “This is not a gay time!” [boy culture]

Hot Pockets saved this man’s LIFE! (Are you even the slightest bit surprised!?) [kenneth]

Jason Morgan for ELLE Man Vietnam [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Woody Harrelson gets super dressed up for ‘The Hunger Games: La Révolte – Partie 2’ premiere in Paris !!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.18.19 AM

Did she lose her luggage?! [dlisted]

Cate Blanchett “I would play Donald Trump in a heartbeat!” [celebitchy]

Actor John Barrowman shows dat azz off at a Wizard World event (NSFW) [boy culture]

Blaze dat shit up! Hillary wants to reclassify marijuana as a class 2 droog y’all [joemygod]

Attention cat ladies! New photos from the Bridget Jones set! [socialite life]

Congrats! Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelokos comes out [kenneth]

Here’s a visual! Vivica licked 50 Cent‘s hoo-hoo and insinuates he’s gay on WWHL [queerty]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau poses happy with gay dads! [towleroad]

Danny Beauchamp as ‘The Dance Teacher’ for the December issue of Attitude Magazine [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Did Prince Harry forget to wrap it up and gets some sluzzah preggo? !!


Not FAIR! [celebitchy]

Sam Smith talks being a ‘skinny minnie’ as Sharon Osbourne might say [boy culture]

Breathe a sigh of relief! Rpatz and FKA twigs are probably fine [socialite life]

What the cluck!? Are Oprah and Gayle teaming up with Chic-Fil-A? [kenneth]

The Quinto shares advice he offers to closeted actors who confide in him [queerty]

Pick your hearts up off the floor! Gus Kenworthy confirms he’s taken [towleroad]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will likely play Amy Winehouse in a biopic [dlisted]

Here’s The Hunger Games Wes Chatham getting all smexy for Bello Mag [ohlala]

Surprise! Putin‘s former top aide found dead in DC hotel room… hmmm fishy! [joemygod]

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