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!! OMG, gossip: Caitlyn’s off the hook !!


Jenner will not be charged in vehicular manslaughter case [dlisted]

Cindy Crawford: ‘I really never quite felt like I was married’ to Richard Gere [celebitchy]

Trevor Noah is getting raves as the new host of The Daily Show [boy culture]

Ben Carson: Gay Marriage killed the Roman Empire [joemygod]

Jamie Dornan golfing in a hot beard [socialite life]

The Pope supports Kim Davis [kenneth]

Lana Del Rey drops video filled to the brim with shirtless dudes for Music To Watch Boys Too [towleroad]

Here’s model type Sam Wiles showing off his hoo-hoo in the name of fashun [ohlala]

Gay man in China proposes to boyfriend on crowded subway, goes viral [queerty]

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!! OMG, gossip: It’s the Exorcism of the day! !!


Time for laughs! [joemygod]

Frances Bean ties the knot [celebitchy]

Meet Janae Marie Kroc, the trans bodybuilder who lost a lucrative endorsement deal not because she was about to come out as trans (she wasn’t), but because the company knew she was trans and feared someone would find out [boy culture]

Ryan from The O.C. addresses getting that chick preggo [socialite life]

New York’s gay village continues to dissapear [kenneth]

Azealia Banks says she wants to ‘pepper spray a gay man in the face’ [queerty]

The rules of Catholicism for homosexuals as explained to Stephen Colbert [towleroad]

Australia wants Chris Brown to prove why he should even be allowed in their country [dlisted]

Model type Kiet Thai fills out his underwear in new campaign [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Morrissey is probably a lousy lay !!


…if you believe anything from his new book [queerty]

Selena Gomez: ‘When people look at me, they don’t see an artist.’ [celebitchy]

Here’s some Johnathan Tucker side bum (NSFW) [boy culture]

Boehner resigns from Congress [joemygod]

Robert Pattinson was hung over pretty much the whole time he was promoting Twlight [socialite life]

Who’s got their nipples out on the cover of your free weekly gay rags THIS week? [kenneth]

And in other DUH type news: Kim Davis announces her and her family are now Republicans [towleroad]

Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorfhad a behbeh [dlisted]

Here’s Dandy Gandy looking shirtless and just dandy for Autograph A/W 15 [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Former bachelor Sean Lowe is shirtless and doing things for us !!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 3.09.41 PM

Body goals! [socialite life]

RIP Jackie Collins – Thank you for the glamour [kenneth]

James Franco is unfunny and and in drag in the Meanest Gal in the west [queerty]

US military denies Chelsea Manning‘s request to grow her hair out [towleroad]

Somehow, still in the news: Lindsay and Dina Lohan‘s lawsuit against FOX News somehow got thrown out — probably due to that video where Lindsay was recorded saying her mom does coke?! Just a guess! [dlisted]

Teen Wolf‘s Cody Saintgnue is shirtless [ohlala]

Tom Hiddleston‘s upcoming nude scene may or may not be regrettable [celebitchy]

Princeton footballer comes out of the closet [boy culture]

Gay men holding hands in Jerusalem shows we still have far to go for acceptance in 2015 [joemygod]

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!! OMG, gossip: Here’s Alex Pettyfer almost naked for the Mario Testino #TowelSeries !!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.26.09 PM

This series just keeps getting better and better! [ohlala]

HELL IS UPON US: Kylie Jenner‘s new app is the #1 app in the world [celebitchy]

Everyone looked absolutely thrilled to be at Kanye‘s fashion show of used condoms [boy culture]

Obama invites racially profiled teen who made a clock (not a bomb!) over to the White House [joemygod]

Living the homosexual lifestyle: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black enjoy a date night out at the opening KINKY BOOTS [socialite life]

CAITYLN VS ELLEN Drama screams STAR Magazine! [kenneth]

This gay couple just celebrated their 55th anniversary [queerty]

Ugandan President: 2014’s anti-gay Law was ‘not necessary’ because we already ban homosexuality [towleroad]

Are Miley and Dane Cook bumping down dere parts!? [dlisted]

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