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!! OMG, have a seat, every young Popstar out there today! !!


Grace Jones, the legend, is about to spill the tea about how mainstream, sad and despy you all look! [dlisted]

Matt Damon reveals his anti-dad bod on the set of the latest Bourne film [celebitchy]

Stonewall werks some Sesame Street realness in newly released clip [boy culture]

Here’s Lana‘s new song, Music To Watch Boys To [pinkisthenewblog]

Ed Westwick serves up some Golden Girls, Palm Desert retiree glamour [socialite life]

The Hammaconda is back on the market! [kenneth]

Linda Harvey: It’s time for Christians to establish Biblical and homosexual-free sanctuary cities — GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! [joemygod]

Anti-gay store owner sells anti-gay merch [queerty]

Keeping it classy: Oregon judge who refused to issue marriage licensees to same-sex couples hangs Hitler photo in courtroom [towleroad]

Call me, confused! Caitlyn Jenner isn’t really all that stoked on the idea of equality for gays [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Rihanna X Dior !!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.11.14 PM

Rihanna‘s new Dior campaign is nipply [pinkisthenewblog]

The more you know: Sarah Palin thinks everyone in the USA should speak ‘American’ [celebitchy]

Trans fixture Caitlyn Jenner ‘just OK’ with the concept of gay marriage [boy culture]

Julianne Moore had some frank questions for Ellen Page after she came out [queerty]

From the NO files: Damon Wayans is on team Cosby [dlisted]

Chris Brown flaked on an Atlanta Pride event he was booked for because gay men were at the venue [joemygod]

Fuck your savings account! There’s an original SPACE JAM jersey for sale! [socialite life]

Who’s wearing a harness and some dollar-store aviators on the cover of your free weekly gay rags THIS week? [kenneth]

Grab the torches and grab the pitchforks! Cecil the Lion‘s killer will return to work tomorrow! [towleroad]

Here’s some blonde ginger model piece showing off his hooo-ha [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: The new poster for James Bond’s SPECTRE is here starring Daniel Craig !!


Shaken not stirred! [boy culture]

Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ music video a neo-colonialist nightmare? [celebitchy]

Tori Spelling got her ass sued [dlisted]

Tom Hardy did NOT use a condom again [socialite life]

A new show is selling Real Housewives meets little people [kenneth]

Things are heating up! Are Big Ro‘ and Tatum O’Neil dating? [queerty]

More Radael Nadal for Tommy Hilfiger [ohlala]

Better than Lindsay Lohan‘s? TMZ published Kim Davis‘ glamorous mugshot [joemygod]

Straight guys try to answer the ridiculous questions gay men get asked [towleroad]

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!! OMG, gossip: Jessica Lange will return to AHS if Ryan Murphy has his way !!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.50.24 AM

…and Ryan always gets his way! [queerty]

Pope Francis (aka Tony the bouncer) praises children’s book which features gay penguins [towleroad]

Info you needed to know: Jennifer Aniston‘s wedding veil came from J.Crew [dlisted]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuts new footage via Instagram [pinkisthenewblog]

Ellen Page on religion: ‘Personally, I’m an atheist so I have no time for it.’ [celebitchy]

Mean, lean, and a little coke-faced: Wilmer Valderama livens up Men’s Health Magazine [boy culture]

YEEHAW! Sarah Palin says “Donald Trump is getting crucified for telling the truth.” [joemygod]

Doing what he does best (besides diving): Tom Daley shows off half naked for his 2016 calendar [socialite life]

She’s after that Oscar! Eddie Redmayne dons drag for new film Danish Girl [kenneth]

WATCH: The Walking Dead season 6 promo is here [ohlala]

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