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!! OMG, always low prices: Meth Lab discovered in Wal-Mart bathroom !!

It’s about time Wal-Mart expanded their market out into the METH industry! I mean, judging my the way their customers pick their outfits in the morning, there should be quite the market for it!
A meth lab was discovered in an Indiana Walmart last week and surprisingly, finding meth labs in Wal-Marts is really common. There have been SEVERAL discovered within the past five years in different stores across the country!

In 2011 two people were arrested on separate occasions trying to cook meth in the same Tulsa, Oklahoma, Walmart. Fox 23 reported that a man was caught there in October “with a backpack containing what police called an active meth lab.” Two months later, per Fox 23, police intervened to stop a woman who was trying to cook meth in the store because she couldn’t afford to buy the ingredients and take them home. She was in the store for six hours before getting arrested.
In August of 2011, Nashville City Paper reported that two men were sentenced for trying to cook meth in the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot of an Antioch, Tennessee, Walmart. The meth ingredients in the bed of the pickup truck exploded, drawing police attention to the crime scene.

Cute! I think they’ve really found their niche!
[via slate]

!! OMG, it’s Igor’s Look Of The Week: The weasel that decided to take a ride on the back of woodpecker! !!

Disney execs are wet with joy after seeing these images of a weasel riding on a woodpecker pop us this week. Yes — a real photo, taken by photographer Martin Le-May in a park in East London. More on the dynamic duo via Slate:

The photographer, Martin Le-May, told me it began when he heard distress calls from the bird, a European green woodpecker, and turned to see it jumping up and down on the ground. These woodpeckers commonly feed on ground-dwelling ants, and the weasel must have initiated a sneak attack. Birds do what birds do, however, and once the bird righted itself it was airborne–but not free. Though weasels are known for their courage and brazenness, I’m not sure this one was prepared for this contingency. Le-May said the pair got about 10 feet off the ground before landing again, where the bird managed to free itself of the weasel and fly off, both creatures apparently unharmed.

Check out a play by play of the action below!




!! OMG, how cute: Zen cats !!

So calm and in tune with the universe, these cats bear the weight of the world’s ills (and some apples) on their little heads and paws. Gaze upon them and feel serenity wash over you. Meowmaste.


!! OMG, it’s the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Litter Box & Cat Scratching Post !!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.22.35 PM.png
Are you a crazy cat lady AND a big LOTR fan? Well then why not try and get your hands on a LOTR/Hobbit litter box and cat scratching post!?

The Hobbit-hole is covered with lush greenery and has a stone walkway leading up to the round door through the cats go through to do their business, and the Tower of Sauron scratching post offers both a comfortable place for Misha’s kitties to scratch and an imposing warning to visitor cats who dare try to use Frodo and Sam’s scratching post as their own.

Check out their creation below!