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!! OMG, how fierce: Ukrainian grandma with a gun !!


68-year-old Ekaterina "The Punisher" Bilyik is one tough granny. She decided to undergo military training alongside military cadets forty years her junior because she wants to help Ukraine avoid another occupation. Let's hope she doesn't have to use that gun.

Watch her interview below:

(via Oddity Central)

» posted by Frank on Thursday, January 29, 2015
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!! OMG, It's the Zac Efron GIFs you need to get you through your Wednesday !!


Universal has gifted us with an incredible sequence of Zac Efron gifs which have made their way onto Tumblr this week. Check out baby otter Zefron showing-off after the jump!

[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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!! OMG, Joan Rivers, 81, in 'critical condition after she stopped breathing during throat surgery' !!


Terrible news! Comedian Joan Rivers has been rushed to hospital in critical condition. Some info from The Daily Mail via TMZ:

The 81-year-old was having surgery on her vocal chords at a clinic in Manhattan when she suddenly stopped breathing during the procedure

She was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital, where doctors are believed to be frantically trying to save her life

Someone called 911 at 9:39 a.m. New York time, telling the dispatcher, 'We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest'

The star's daughter Melissa is en route to New York

Whether you love Joan or not or can handle her bad taste, this is awful news! She's one of the long-standing comedy greats! We hope that she's able to pull through and offend another day!

» posted by Igor on Thursday, August 28, 2014
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!! OMG, the world endeth! Madonna flew COMMERCIAL from NYC to LONDON !!


This is some sort of cruel, sick and twisted joke! Is this how she punishes her daughter? Has Hell truly frozen over?



» posted by Igor on Saturday, July 19, 2014
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!! OMG, Balearic bummer! Ibiza ravers are being sold BATH SALTS !!


The Vengaboys better seriously check who they let sell to them on their Vengabus when they go to Ibiza this summer -- because there has been a huge rise in ravers on club island being sold the BATH SALTS!

Yes, Bath Salts, AKA "Florida's favourite drug" which gives you the munchies for the side of someone's face flesh before you rip it off with your bare teeth whilst standing on the side of the highway someplace with no memory of doing any of it afterward.

Various Spanish and English news reports say that the chemical is causing severe health problems among users on the White Isle.

A nurse based in San Antonio told Diario De Ibiza that patients had to be restrained in their beds once admitted to hospital after taking the drug. She also said that it took up to eight police officers to hold down one man, who also bit one officer's hand.

Too much MDPV can induce violent behaviour, paranoia and panic attacks. In other words, it can make you go pretty crazy, which is what seems to have been happening to some ravers who have taken it in Ibiza over the last week or so.

This is some proper DEAD ISLAND for Xbox type shit. If you're headed to the Balearics, make sure you know what you're buying before you go ballistic!

[via mixmag]

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
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