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!! OMG, how dangerous: Pam Grier’s Terrifying Tale of Coke-cooch !!

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous story about how Stevie Nicks made her assistant blow coke up her butt because her nose was too f*cked up for snorting. But have you ever heard of a lady with a dangerous buildup of cocaine in her vagina? Me neither– until now. And the lady in question is none other than Pam “Foxy Brown” Grier herself. How did she get all that up her cooch? In her memoir, published this week, Ms. Grier recounts the following alarming conversation with her doctor:

He said, “Pam, I want to tell you about an epidemic that’s prevalent in Beverly Hills right now. It’s a buildup of cocaine residue around the cervix and in the vagina. You have it. Are you doing drugs?”

“No,” I said, astonished.

“Well, it’s really dangerous,” he went on. “Is your partner putting cocaine on his penis to sustain his erection?”

“No,” I said, “not that I know of. It’s not like he has a pile of cocaine next to the bed and he dips his penis in it before we have sex.” I had a nauseating flash of one of Richard’s famous lines: Even my dick has a cocaine jones.

“Are you sure he isn’t doing it in the bathroom before he comes to bed?” the doctor asked.

“That’s a possibility,” I said. “You know, I am dating Richard Pryor.”

“Oh, my God,” he said. “We have a serious problem here. If he’s not putting it on his skin directly, then it’s worse because the coke is in his seminal fluid.”

[via Jezebel]

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!! OMG, They’re On Fire: The youth of today !!

I spent a good part of this morning watching 16 and Pregnant and I couldn’t be more depressed! If today’s teens spent less time getting pregs and more time lighting themselves on fire with Axe Body Spray, the world would be a much better place. (Although I’d be sad not to have all the teen pregnancy reality shows to watch.)

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