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!! OMG, how dangerous: Breastfeeding while Driving !!

A woman from Ohio decided she would save some time by breastfeeding while driving:

Last week, Genine Compton, a mother living outside Dayton, Ohio, drove her children to school. Apparently the youngest — who police believe is a little less than two years old — needed to eat. Right away. Compton is still breastfeeding, so she took the girl on her lap in the driver’s seat, and, without stopping the Honda minivan, gave the girl breakfast.

Oh, and she was reportedly talking on her cellphone, at least part of the time.

The man who called 911 to report her said that he approached her and she asked him if he wanted to “pop your titty out and breastfeed this kid?” I wish she was my mom…not cause of the breastfeeding but cause she knows how to get shit done.
Read more HERE and listen to his 911 call HERE.
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!! OMG, how cruel: KFC Prank !!

Employees at a KFC in New Hampshire wound up naked outside the restaurant after an apparently very authentic prank call:

A manager pulled a pin for the restaurant’s fire suppression system, which rained chemicals on her and others, because she was told to by a man on the phone claiming to be her boss from the corporate office.

“And then they were told by this person on the phone to go outside and disrobe and actually urinate on one another to decontaminate each other,” said Lt. Peter Bartlett.

Police said that somehow, the prankster managed to keep the employees on the phone for 10 to 15 minutes. Only when someone in the parking lot called police to say a woman was standing in the doorway naked did police and fire show up, and that’s when the prankster finally hung up.

Even after all the stories about deep fried rats and chemical rain I would still do anything for that chicken skin.

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!! OMG, how racist: Xbox !!

A woman was allegedly suspended from the Xbox Live community because she self-identified as a lesbian in her profile:

I was harassed by several players, ‘chased’ to different maps/games to get away from their harassment. They followed me into the games and told all the other players to turn me in because they didn’t want to see that crap or their kids to see that crap…Microsoft does nothing to stop this or prevent it, but instead sides with the homophobes. No one will help me get the word out about Microsoft’s anti-gay policy. Not even the HRC who says Microsoft has a positive image with them. Not to me it doesn’t!

Apparently this isn’t the first time Xbox HAS FOUND GAYNESS OFFENSIVE.
Read more HERE.
Thanks to Raul for the tip.

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!! OMG, don’t spin your kids: New Zealand !!

What the hell is going on down in New Zealand? While the world was worrying about Iraq and Global Warming nobody thought to check in on New Zealand, who apparently is picking up some bad drinking habits from Australia. Does this happen often down there? It would explain Lucy Lawless.
Thanks Kevy!

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!! OMG, how tense: Rat Staring Contest !!

These brother rats keep squaring off for dominance and neither is giving up easily. I like the big fat guy who comes in at 3:00 and completely takes advantage of the situation.
Thanks to CMS (Link NSFW) for the tip.

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