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!! OMG, Kingdom come: Cassie’s ‘All My Love’ as fondled by Kingdom !!

LA producer Kingdom’s ginger minge is coming up a copper-cropper once again!
This time he’s fiddled around with Cassie’s track ‘All My Love’ from her recent #RockaByeBaby mixtape, to great avail.
I am listening to it with my eyes closed whilst sniffing my guinea-pig Harold, imagining that it’s Kingdom’s sweaty orange studio-bound ball-mound, I’m literally HUFFY THAT FURRY ORANGE SCROT’!

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!! OMG, welcome to brown town: VV Brown’s ‘Samson’ !!

The last time VV wrote a record, she ended up ditching the whole thing as she found as a “sonic photograph” it no longer represented how she felt at the time of near-completing it.
She has since explored her love of environmental, ethical fashion through her e-commerce company vvvintage, and having caught the business bug and feeling a sense of too much comfort to be creative she then quit her label to launch her own under the banner ‘YOY’, which scared the crap out of her enough to spark real creativity in order to produce her upcoming record ‘Samson & Delilah’ which is due out this September and includes an accompanying 15 minute short film.
Her first single from the album, ‘Samson’ which you can watch below is out in mid July.

VV spoke to HungerTV [HERE] about her time away from music, her love of film and her changing attitude towards what makes a good song:

“I used to listen to a song and think how can this be a “hit record” but now I listen to a record and it’s all about how it makes me feel…I think I was so consumed in the business of things I had forgotten what it felt like to just listen.” 

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!! OMG, Judging a book by it’s cover: Keys N Krates’ ‘Treat Me Right’ !!

An exploration of various stunning harlequin romance novella covers Keys N Krates’ ‘Treat Me Right’ video I’m totally seeing more of a sort of would you rather [damsel decision dilemma version].
Would you rather:
1) kiss besides a caged waving panda?
2) make out with a denim all-over Nicholas Cage large-faced looky-likey [at 00.45]
3) ride atop a bejeweled Pegasus steed
4) or forget about all those basic bitches, I’m wearing a topaz blue circus catsuit [no bra] and fighting off mutant raccoon she-wolfs with my semi-auto that I got ?
It’s a rhetorical question, the ‘correct’ answer is ‘number 4’; NON-BASIC TOPAZ BANSHEE, those others are all rancid hungry-bum curb-slop!
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!! OMG, blancmange melange: Juno Calypso as Joyce !!


“If Pedro Almodóvar hadn’t come up with it first I would have really enjoyed calling this project ‘women on the verge of a nervous breakdown’.”

Juno Calypso -apart from having the perfect speed-dating party-host name- plays the part of Joyce; a sort of disenfranchised has-been botch pug-faced pageant girl, who kind of doesn’t know “what-te-deeeee” with herself, and never uses consonants but loves all types of pink; her favourite colour is BLANCMANGE-PINK…for sure-sies.
With names like ‘Reconstituted Meat Slices’ [above], ‘Popcorn Venus’ and ’12 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time’ Calypso’s photographs are serving up some serious XANAX PEACH-MELBA right about now:

“I was thinking of naming the next one Kimberly-Clark, after those hygiene dispensers you get in public toilets.”

Follow the jump to witness the blancmange melange of the remainder of the series.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, Po-nay-sha Pink-weave: XXX¢hange’s ‘PWNY’ !!

Looking like she would stomp her bad-ass hooves all over the haters, so don’t even Azaelia, you can’t take this pony princess on, she will graze-nibble your Rapunzel weave right off!
In the pony melange montage we have:
carousel pony,
train station and airport pony [she’s going places that one],
St Tropez ponayay,
…and finally, vay-cay po-nay on that sodding speed boat letting her pink long-fro blow about and taking her pleather bikini tutu off and flashing her pony pubic poof-mound at all the boys!
[via discobelle]

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