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!! OMG, WEED TV: ‘The High Life’ begins casting for the first-ever reality TV show set on a pot growing farm !!

For all those times you’ve been baked and wondered if everyone is watching you and can tell that you’re stoned, — this gig would guarantee a definite YES!
Shaggy Casting, a casting agency in the US, posted a recent casting notice searching for people to star in the first-ever reality show set on a pot farm in Colorado!

“Are you a free spirit who will do anything once? On the run from a life buried in boring summer jobs? Whether you’re a party animal or activist, dare devil or total princess, burnout or adrenaline junkie, we’re looking for you!

This already sounds great! The cast they’re looking for sounds totally stable… so… They should definitely look into booking celebrity guest mentors at the farmhouse like Seth Rogan, James Franco, Cheech Marin, Rihanna, Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus, and Snoop Dogg! Who can grow the biggest crop the fastest? Who can roll the phattest joints?! Let them decide!
Think you got what it takes to be in the house? Just send a video of yourself with your favourite bong or bag of Doritos rambling on with some long, drawn out story to [email protected]!

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!! OMG, rollback with Mister Smileyface! Family buys and eats steak from WAL-MART that’s seasoned with LSD !!

I’ve always just assumed that LSD stands for LARGE STEAK DINNER, but I was appalled to hear that a family of four were confused and UPSET (!?) when they gobbled up a steak dinner from Wal-Mart and got a free ride with a side of some California Sunshine and started tripping their balls off.
I mean, thankfully everyone is fine and stuff, BUT… like, also… someone got a steak dinner out of it AND a freebee, — that’s more than I’ve got! Wal-Mart had this to say about the incident:
Pretty sure this just solves the ‘People Of Wal-Martphenomenon. They definitely have been seeing shit that we haven’t — and for a very long time! Wal-Mart’s logo was a giant yellow SMILEYFACE for Godsakes! How could we have been so blind!?

[image via verbicide]

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!! OMG, may our Lord have MERCY! Shortage of Velveeta to threaten Super Bowl parties? !!

I just recovered from last year’s chicken wing shortage like, yesterday and today I wake up to the terrifying news that this year’s Super Bowl festivities may be threatened due to a shortage of everyone’s favourite cheese-brick, Velveeta! When asked to comment, Velveeta responded by saying:

Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their favourite product on store shelves over the next couple of weeks. Our retail customers are aware of the situation and we expect it to be a short-term issue.

So, this is basically how we’re taking the news (just replace the words “executive produce” with “eat” and “Bratz Movie” with “Velveeta“):

[via complex]

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!! OMG, floral stimulation: The perfect restaurant for any flower enthusiast !!

Mas Provencal is a restaurant located just outside of Eze Village in southeastern France, though it’s often mistaken for just a big greenhouse.
The restaurant is overgrown with many types of roses, orchids, ivy, glads and other species of flora, and you can even eat the cherry tomatoes and grapes off the vines as they hang around you. Carnivorous and exotic plants cover the passageways and a waterfall covered in fern is part of the decor as well. Their website describes the atmosphere as an:

“experience the unique atmosphere of French elegance and unobtrusive luxury.”

UM, how did they know?! I f*cking LOVE unobtrusive luxury. You should also recommend this place to all your plant-loving vegan and gluten-free friends as their menu includes:

Sweet pig on a spit and succulent veal on coals. For dessert you could enjoy homemade chocolate mousse and apple pie.

Just kidding. It would be like Fear Factor for them. They may have to pick at those cherry tomatoes and grapes. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, the kine-ness of strangers!: Seattle thrift shop finds 2.5 pounds of weed in their donation bin !!

Grab the tissues, because in you-donated-that-shit-to-the-wrong-people-oh-god-why-couldn’t-it-have-been-me-instead kind of news: A thrift shop in North Seattle discovered 2.5 pound of marijuana in their donation bin last week! YUP!
The uptight bitches who work over at the store say that even though pot is now legal in Washington state, that they will not being sharing the wealth and are unable to sell the weed in cute, little vintage backpacks.
Really! How dare they… there are people out there in need! No word yet on whether or not the bag was actually 10 pounds at the time of it’s discovery…
[via Komonews]

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