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!! OMG, Ezakly!: Kazaky’s ‘Crazy Law’ !!

I love these ladies, but please don’t kazASK me anything about any of this…here’s some of the lyrics, I feel they really speak to me:

“Why am I feeling? this is a crazy law
You can have many laws, even how you’re born

My fencing I’m wishing my rating for undying kiss
First of all I like you
Look at me don’t miss

Do you feel the tempting bass of this song?
Why are you dancing bored and so slow?

I know sometimes behind my back
You want to change your immature …of taking me of the neck
If you’re a monster of flesh
My dance body gonna make you to change
Justify your dreams and dance

Keep your dreams keep your plans
All of this …it’s nice”


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!! OMG, there’s another models’ upsidedown conjoined-crotch head under that dress!: Hussein Chalayan F/W ’13/’14 !!

Totally reminding me of those bizarre, anatomically incorrect and often pretty racist reversible dolls, Chalayan’s “ta-daaaa” dresses are totally show stopping, and bound to be the next cannot-be-seen-without-drag-wardrobe-“lip-synch-for-your-LIIIIIfe”-man-function!
No stranger to unconventional dress concepts, you may know of Hussein’s work from previously collections which included:
dynamic sci-fi swizzle skirts
televisual dresses
lazer dresses
that bubbly number that Gaga once wore
and the coffee table dress where the model walked on the runway and literally “put a coffee table on”
You can watch the complete collection after the jump, which is well worth watching for the non-reversible-tits-to-knees pieces, including:
ribbed warmleatherette jacket
streaky oil-spill spectrum materials
structured pant within billowy pant
peel-back tab dresses [also a bit ‘lost-in-the-toybox-freaky-doll-lady’]

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, raw chicken dearest?: David Bowie’s ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ !!

The perfect androgynous coupling; Bowie is like a female musical version of Tilda and Tilda is like an actorly male version of David.
The second video to come out of Bowie’s long-awaited march album ‘The Next’, ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ features Bowie and Swinton as a BOUJIE PASTEL-CLAD COUPLE being stalked by their younger female self who kind of looks like David and Tilda’s lovechild.
Oh good lord; then Tilda uses her electric carving knife implement to slice up the chicken, but was so distracted all afternoon doing her new Edward Scissor-Hands [chicken-carver-version] up-doo that she forgot to turn the oven on..erm that chicken looks a little pink inside…maybe it needs a few more minutes Tilda dearest?!
[via dejeunesgensmodernes]

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!! OMG, Cake Face: Lernert & Sander’s Natural Beauty !!

Snooki, take note girl!
Dutch Directing Duo Lernert & Sander created this video with the help of makeup artist Ferry van der Nat and Belgian model Hannelore Knuts. They applied 365 layers of makeup, in one nine hour non-stop application that toke Knuts from AU NATUREL to OH-NO-TUREL.
In preparation for the shoot, Lernert & Sander tested a 100-layer session a few days earlier on their male intern:

“It didn’t kill our intern so we trusted everything would be fine on Hannelore.”

-oh that’s good, you managed to ‘not kill’ your intern…super
This is nothing, I know drag queens who wear twice this many layers and take half as long to get ready…now that’s Knuts!
[via nowness]

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